Weekend Wear | Floral Maxi Dress

 This may be one of my favorite non-work outfits of all time. I am completely obsessed with this floral wrap maxi dress. Somehow it manages to feel casual but fancy at the same time. Plus you get the whole "when I walk my dress flows around me like a total boss" thing; so that's basically always a fashion win haha.

Seriously though, I cannot say enough good things about this maxi dress. From the wrap detailing to the fact that it is lined to the knee only so the bottom is sheer, this dress is perfection! I also like that while it is a floral print maxi dress, the floral isn't overpowering. The grey and pale pink tones are understated.

I have been wanting this necklace for MONTHS, having seen it on so many bloggers instagram feeds. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it a few weeks ago and could not be happier! The necklace is exactly as I expected - from the way the three layers naturally fall on your neck, to the quality of it - I would definitely recommend this piece of jewelry. If you watched my instastories while I was visiting my family in Ontario two weeks ago you may have noticed that I wore it literally every single day. #AddictedMuch?

In other news, I am in full-on planning mode for New York Fashion Week. I'm going to be there September 8 - 12th. I would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have about the best coffee shops to go, best restaurants, and any boutiques I need to shop at! Things will be hectic running to-and-from fashion shows, but I am determined to sneak in a bit of New York exploring while I am there. I'm even planning on getting up really early one morning so I can sneak in a run in Central Park before the day starts. ... We'll see if I succeed in actually making that happen haha.

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Shopping | Summer Dresses under $100

The fact that summer is almost over is hard to believe. The silver lining though? Summer sales! Last week I posted the best wear-to-work sale items for summer, and this week I wanted to talk about summer dresses. With all the summer sales going on there are some amazing deals to be had on both wear-to-work dresses and fun summer weekend dresses. 

In fact, I was able to find a TON of amazing dresses that are now under $100. Many in fact are under $60! I have linked up my favorites below. These dresses 'made the cut' as my favorites because they feature things that are trendy right now (ruffles, off-the-shoulder, etc.) but aren't so trendy that they will be out of style by next summer. These are great dresses to wear now while knowing you can still style them next summer.

Two things: 

1) I just purchased one of the dresses below. Any guesses which one?! 

2) Stocking up on these dresses is also great if you have any fall/winter tropical vacations planned. I'm going to Aruba the first week of November on a girls trip with my mom (so excited!) Are you going anywhere warm this fall/winter?
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Work Wear | A Floral Dress for Summer and Fall

I am sucker for dropped waist dresses ( remember this dress?) They are universally flattering, work appropriate, and still 'fun' enough to be dressed up for a night out or a brunch. It may be the most versatile dress silhouette. This dress caught my eye because of not only the dropped ruffled hem, but the gorgeous floral pattern and long sleeves.

As every working woman knows no matter how gorgeous and warm it is outside, office's are universally freezing (did you catch my facebook post about this? haha) So, I love finding long sleeve dresses to wear to work. As most of you know, because I am in court 9 days out of 10, I do have to wear a blazer. So, when I am out of court and working in the office or in meetings, the last thing I want to do is wear a blazer, so a long sleeve dress is a perfect solution. 

Today's shoes I actually borrowed from my mom, and I loved them! I wore them out while my mom and I went shopping one day and, surprisingly, my feet didn't hurt after. I may have to get a pair for myself - especially because they are now 50% off and are under $50!!

My bracelets are my go-to's (as anyone who has been reading this blog for a while now knows haha). They are also linked up below and are from Olive & Piper; my favorite online jewellery store. Remember you can always get 20% off any item at O&P with the code "LegalLee"

Finally, my Tory Burch bag. I heart this little guy so very much. It is from last season, but I have included this season's version below. Seeing as I am the queen of ridiculously oversized tote bags, it is rare that I opt for a small bag. I don't only many at all! This one though is a staple - perfect for a day out when you want your hands free to shop!

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Work Wear | Striped Pencil Skirt

This striped pencil skirt is a new favorite of mine basically because it is a wear-to-work in any season item. It is great for a summer day at the office, but because it is a heavier quilted material it will also be great in the winter. I am already thinking of ways to style it - I think it would look great with a black turtleneck, black tights and ankle boots! 

I got both the blazer and the pencil skirt during the Nordstrom sale and have two pieces of good news about them! 1) They are both back in stock (score) and 2) the pencil skirt is on sale for under $40!! Yes, you read that a right, a gorgeous well-made pencil skirt for under $40. I think I've died and gone to office fashion heaven haha.

My shoes are old favorites - I have them in three colors and love that they are such good dupes for the valentino rockstuds. These exact ones are sold out, but I found another brand that makes an excellent rockstud dupe - and in addition to the black they have dupes in ten other colors! If you don't have a pair of rockstud heels yet you absolutely need to add one (... or five haha) to your closet. They are versatile enough to be worn to the office but also look great worn out on a date night!

On a separate note, I got back from my visit to Ontario on Tuesday and definitely hit the ground running as far as my work went. It was a busy week in Court, but I felt so much more refreshed having taken last week to relax and spend time with family. Also, it's only a few more weeks of work until my next trip .... New York Fashion Week!!!!! I can't possibly put into words how excited I am to be attending fashion week. I will be doing a ton of instagram stories and making sure to give you all a full rundown of the shows, parties and all things fashion week related. Let me know if there are any specific questions you want answered about fashion week or what you would like to see in my post-fashion week blog posts!

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Shopping | Wear to Work SALE Items You Need to Wrap Up The Summer

I went on an online shopping binge this week and realized how many great wear to work items are currently on sale. One thing that I love about office / corporate wear is that items tend to be more classic and timeless than street style. That means that you can stock up on on-sale summer items and know they will look great next summer. 

Plus, if you're like me, you'll be holding on to summer for at least another 6-8 weeks anyway, so there is still plenty of time to get some wear out of these gorgeous pieces of office attire! I will definitely be ordering the above striped shirt- how cute are the bow tie sleeves - and wearing it with my white pencil skirt. Once the fall/winter weather hits I think it would also look great with a v-neck sweater worn on top!

Scroll through the widget below for the items pictured above - and about 15 other items that I found that are must-haves! Make sure you add these to your cart ASAP as work wear tends to sell out fast since it is classic. Also, some of these sales are insane! For example, the white sheath dress shown above is 40% off and under $90. Such a great deal! Happy shopping!

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Work Wear | Plaid & Ruffles

It may only be August, but I am definitely already thinking about fall fashion. Early fall is one of my favorite season's for fashion because I love finding pieces that transition from summer to fall. This outfit is definitely an outfit that has you covered for early fall when you are craving fall style but it is still warm out.

The plaid skirt was a Nordstrom find that I jumped on as soon as I saw it. I have a green & navy plaid pencil skirt that I love, but I liked the a-line slightly 'kilt-ish' cut of this skirt. I initially thought it was a mini skirt but was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually long enough to be worn to work. I decided to pair it with one of my new fall basics- this red ruffled long sleeve tee. I got this tee in two colors because it is enough of a basic to be worn with everything from a suit to basic jeans. The ruffle detail though keeps it from being boring!

These flats are go-to's for me. They are really cheap (and come in multiple colors) - but be warned they definitely do not last. That, however, is why I like them. I will get a pair of nude, a pair of black, and a colored pair before every trip and just wear them until they fall apart. It means less to pack on the way home as I throw them out one by one as they fall apart. (I always have at least one good pair of shoes on me to wear home). As someone who is a bit of an over-shopper when traveling (... understatement of the year) it's nice to free up space in my suitcase for the trip home!

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6 Must-Listen to Podcasts for Working Women

If you’ve been around the blog or my social media for a while, you likely know that what inspires and motivates me to create content is the idea of empowering women. I believe that our generation of women has the privilege and the responsibility of opening up the dialogue of what it means to be a working woman. We owe so much to our mother’s generation for breaking glass ceilings and opening up spaces for us to pursue our chosen careers with minimal gender-based resistance. 

The work is not done though. We further owe the next generation of #GirlBosses (shout out to my nieces and goddaughters) to continue the progress by opening up the dialogue on what it means to be a career woman – the challenges, the reality of it, and how we can (and must) be more open about refusing to fit stereotypical molds for certain careers. #FashionBloggingLawyer

In this vein, today I wanted to take the opportunity to share a bit of a different post and share 6 podcasts that are “must-listens” for every young professional woman and every aspiring Girl Boss. Whether you are trying to rise in the ranks of a male-dominated profession, working from home creating an app, or pursing a creative field like writing or art; there are takeaways from each of the podcasts that you just need to hear.

Without any further rambling on my part, (…can you tell how much I care about this topic?), below are 6 must-listen to podcasts for girl bosses:

1. Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham

If you are a working woman, do yourself a favor and go listen to this podcast stat. Especially, episode 4: Work. In true Lena Dunham style, this is an hour of unabashed, no holds barred discussion of the nitty gritty of being a powerful woman and the constraints – both societal and self-imposed – that come along with it. Lena interviews a number of powerful women including Zadie Smith. Everyone discusses different struggles and gets you really thinking about your own career path and the life you are creating for yourself.

2. Courage Makers


Courage Makers is a weekly podcast by host Meg Kissak. The mission behind this podcast, according to Meg, is to “spark a movement of women who are choosing themselves”. Each week Meg interviews a different woman whom she deems an “unconventional courage maker”. Together they discuss issues of finding your path, following your dreams and having courage in the face of obstacles. This is an especially great podcast for anyone in a creative field as it helps work through challenges of being an artist, etc.

3. Happen to Your Career 

Happen to Your Career is definitely the most ‘practical’ podcast on this list. Happen to Your Career shares practical career advice. Topics range from finding a career that is suited to you, to networking, to changing careers. This is a great listen if you need a bit of 'tough love' - a swift kick in the butt to get you actually making changes and taking actions to propel you forward into the career you want.

Be Amplified is designed to get you thinking and living an "amplified life". Each podcast features a different guest interviewee discussing topics ranging from branding yourself, to self-care/self esteem work, to ending relationships. I would say the overarching theme is simply this idea of taking  stock of your life and your decisions and living the best life you can for yourself.

5. One Part Podcast by Jessica Murnane

One part podcast is a great podcast to listen to if you only have time to listen to one. I say this because it is diverse - covering topics from career, to health and wellness, to fashion and fun. Jessica has guests that are leaders in their respective fields. She also has a series as part of the podcast called "the things that freaked my week" in which guests talk about everything from their week, from what the learned, what they ate and what they loved. My personal favorite episode of this podcast is episode 61: burnout, stress & how to recover & rest.

6. Being Boss

Like the title suggests, this podcast is all about being a boss - both literally if you are running your own business like me, and figuratively in terms of running your own life. The podcast features guests discussing money management, bravery, etc. The hosts are two incredibly stylish, bad-ass girl bosses, so there is also an element of fashion and fun thrown in. If you are a young woman wanting to start your own business (either career wise or a side-hustle like blogging, or an etsy shop) definitely check out how to start a business.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts before? Tell me your favorites! Any other podcasts I need to check out? Let me know in the comments below.

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Weekend Wear | San Francisco Vibes

I was feeling so 70s in this outfit - bell sleeves and flared jeans? Heck yes. You may have seen me wear this bell sleeve top on instagram before - I wear it a lot because I am in love with the bow detailing at the sleeve. This is the first time though that I decided to give the 1970s a full on try and pair it with flared denim. 

I maintain that fashion should always be, first and foremost, something you have fun with. For me, that means taking pieces to create a vibe that perfectly matches your mood. I wore this outfit out to dinner with the lovely Kelsey at Blondes & Bagels when I met up with her in San Francisco last week. I just loved feeling like my outfit was exactly what I would have worn in San Francisco in the 70s (if I was alive then haha).

The flared jeans are quickly becoming a staple from me - I just love the look of them and it is such a nice change from the years of skinny jeans. I think I will be wearing these jeans with cozy knit sweaters a lot this fall.
Finally, the gorgeous hat I'm wearing is from Goorin Brothers (and was loaned to me by Kelsey - let me tell you all, her hat game is strong!) I'm not usually a hat person, so again it was really fun to step out of my comfort zone to create this look.

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